Hi Biblioshelf Friends!

Welcome to my little corner of the world wide blogosphere.

By day I am a Year 6 Primary School Teacher; by night I read books and post about them on here!

Favourite reading genres include: YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mysteries, Conspiracies, Children’s Fiction, Poetry and Thrillers.

My Reading Background
I have always had a passion for reading despite being one of the only readers in my family. My Grandad used to take me to no end of car boot sales when I was a child and I’d always be drawn to the book stalls first! During High School I was the English Department Resource Assistant and voted the Most Likely To Come Back As Headteacher, so you could say that I am definitely still following along that path in life. At University I studied English Literature and History before doing my PGCE to become a teacher.

I started this blog as a way to expand my reading horizons, find new stories to enjoy and to get involved in this amazing bookish community which seems to have become it’s own little microcosm on social media.

Away from the pages of fictional worlds I enjoy:
> Horse Racing – I am a member of a local Racing Club and love going to the yard to visit our horses. I try and get to the track whenever I can to see them race.
> Rugby – My love for this sport definitely runs in the family! I have a season ticket to Gloucester Rugby and it’s very rare that I miss a match. We stand in the infamous Shed and it’s pretty special when the whole Glaws Family comes out in full chorus to cheer on our boys.
> Films – I love going to the movies and co-organise a film club in the area I live. We often see 2-3 films every week and hold a Top Ten Film Review bi-annually. It’s great to get out and meet like-minded people who enjoy films just as much as you, plus you never end up going to see a film by yourself as there’s always someone who wants to see the same film as you in the club.

Feel free to drop me a comment on any of my posts to say hi!

Happy reading!

T xx

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