Biblioshelf Musings Topic: Fanfiction…friend or foe?

Hi Bibliofriends,

How has your week been going? A slightly different post from me this week all about Fanfiction. Do you love it, hate it or have you yet to try it? I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot since the beginning of September since re-downloading the app and it’s come to my mind that it’s quite a marmite one. I’m intrigued to know your thoughts on whether fanfiction has its place in today’s reading community.

I can’t remember how long it’s been since I first discovered Fanfiction, but I know it must have been at least ten years ago. It all started after the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows –  one of my ultimate book hangovers of all time… to be honest, I’m probably still not over it! I was not ready to part with and say goodbye to a series which had absolutely stolen my heart. When my friend mentioned Fanfiction to me, I initially had no idea what she was talking about until I delved a little deeper onto the internet and discovered the absolute treasure trove that was! Here, all of my Harry Potter continuation dreams came true with community upon community dedicated to writing their own versions of events or creating the world after The Battle of Hogwarts ended but before 19 Years Later had ever happened. I quickly became addicted and read story after story after story.

So why do I find Fanfiction such a marmite topic?

The Loves

  • For a start it’s such a guilty pleasure – it’s almost like sinking into a massive beanbag with a great big duvet, the ultimate comfort read.
  • I can revisit some of my favourite storylines of fictional worlds and get a brand new take on them, which falls just slightly short of reading the book again for the first time. Like all of my fangirling dreams coming true!
  • tenorYou soon start to develop favourite writers, reading communities or “-ships” that you end up gravitating towards.
  • The stories are often updated a chapter at a time and you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one – which can sometimes takes years… #imstillwaiting!
  • Some of our most well-known fantasy series and other books are all said to have begun life as a fanfiction type of story: Throne of Glass, Shadowhunters, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies …even 50 Shades of Grey. Surely this is where the retelling/fractured fairytale genre comes home to roost?
  • I can read more about my favourite series and even though it’s all unofficial, some of it still feels like reading the next chapter in the actual story – it’s amazing how some of the plotlines that fans have written almost became like a canon of their very own.
  • It’s one way to guarantee that I will resurface from my reading slump!

The Hates

  • There’s only one of my friends who I know indulges in it like me. It isn’t always the biggest conversation starter when you’re talking to the bookish community, especially when people have absolutely no idea what you’re going on about.
  • Sometimes a writer will get your favourite character completely wrong and not how you envisage them at all. This leads to major reader angst! 😂
  • It becomes addictive – quite frankly this month, my little fanfiction addiction has majorly distracted me from my September TBR. I’ve read nothing…but…fanfiction!source.gif
  • Writers may end up abandoning stories that you became strangely invested in and years down the line, you’re no closer to finding out whatever did happen at the end.
  • Even though some stories are novel length, I can’t count them towards my Goodreads Reading Challenge Goal!


I’m keen to find out your views about Fanfiction.  Do you read it, love it, hate it, have a secret passion for it? Do you write it or ship it? It has definitely become a little faddish obsession for me from time to time, although the ever-growing TBR pile could do with not being neglected for so long.

What are your thoughts? As always drop me a comment to chat!

T xx

3 thoughts on “Biblioshelf Musings Topic: Fanfiction…friend or foe?

  1. I haven’t read any fan fiction, but because I hear about the genre more and more, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes more mainstream. I don’t know if this is fan fiction, but something I see in the YA area of the library where I work are modern stories that are based on classics like Jane Eyre. What kind of fan fiction besides Harry Potter do you read? Great post!

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