If Lord of the Rings characters had modern day occupations – Part 4

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Today is the final part of ‘If Lord of the Rings Characters Had Modern Day Occupations’! If you’ve been reading and keeping up with all of the series so far – THANK YOU! ☺️ As I said in Part 1, this is the first time I’ve written posts quite like this so it was a bit of an anxious leap into the unknown!
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Galadriel: Fashion Queen

Initially starting small, Galadriel developed her own jewellery line of delicate rings and necklaces featuring some of the rarest and precious gemstones and metals from around the globe. Her brand sky-rocketed when a middle-eastern princess commissioned Galadriel to design her wedding tiara when she married one of the world’s most eligible billionaires. A rapid shoot-to-fame and being so in-demand nearly collapsed her entire company however, after taking some time out at Elrond’s exclusive Dellriven retreat, Galadriel returned to the fashion world completely overhauling her brand’s identity and ethos. With their new signature ‘Mallorn tree’ logo, Galadriel’s company Nenya, set upon their mission to be the first and only sustainable, ethical haute couture fashion house around the globe. The company has outfitted many stars for high-profile events including the Met Gala and Oscars, as well as appearing on some of the world’s most renowned fashion runways and the pages of the glossiest magazines. Galadriel’s creative flair and waspish prowess has enabled her to rise to the very top of the world’s fashion royalty and now Nenya is one of the only brands today’s A-Listers want to be seen in.

Eomer: Bloodstock Agent – Godolphin

Having access to some of the most affluent connections in the horse-racing industry through sister Eowyn, Eomer also found himself with a role working for one of the largest owners in the business. With an analytical mind and a great deal of integrity, Eomer was soon snapped up by Godolphin to head their team of bloodstock agents. With a keen-eye for evaluating horses and an almost photographic memory of equine bloodlines, Eomer carved out a shrewd reputation for himself in the industry catapulting the Godolphin team to huge successes with horses such as: Barney Roy, Dubawi, Dawn Approach and Kayf Tara.

Saruman: Arboretum Janitor

After a seemingly endless stint in Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela – Saruman resolved to put all matters and mis-deeds of his former life as “Sauron’s bitch” behind him. Having had extensive therapy for his onset dendrophobia (fear of trees), Saruman was forced to live out the rest of his sentence doing community service work at Westonbirt Arboretum in the leafy Cotswolds of England. His previous convictions, criminal record and lack of skills meant that he could only be employed to work as a janitor with responsibilities such as collecting rubbish and refuse from around the forest. Sometimes, when he is alone wandering through the trees, he swears he can hear them whispering…

That’s a wrap!!! I’ve had so much fun writing these posts and researching all of the little details to finish them off! I think Eowyn, Galadriel and Gandalf were some of my favourite ones to write. Which was your favourite? Are there any characters I’ve missed who you have a good idea for? Let me know your thoughts by dropping me a comment below!

Thanks for reading,
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters – these posts are purely from my wild, at times crazy, imagination and sometimes use vague reflections of real-world truths. They are purely meant for entertainment purposes only and are not designed to cause offense or upset in any way.

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